Posted April 29, 2014 by ZeldaYoung in Blog

Holocaust Revisited:

The Holocaust may have taken place 66 years ago but the hatred we see today against Jews and the State of Israel is a reminder that it could happen again.
This morning’s show and the introduction to Holocaust Memorial Day was very emotional.
In doing a daily show and dealing with so many issues that are negative not positive, emotions swell and you can almost
see the trains and the herds of Jews being taken to death camps.
I was very lucky to have my family in Canada but others were not as lucky and many went through the horrors of the Holocaust.
Producing and hosting a program that concerns the plight of Jews and Israel keeps me aware of how far we have come and yet how close we are to the past. Without the State of Israel as Jews we are lost. Israel, in my view give us the pride we deserve and the incentive to move forward in a positive manner.
Our enemies have great press and easily gain sympathy as the underdog and we (the Jews) as the aggressors.
If you have not been to Israel then you cannot understand how Israel treats its Arab citizens. They are part of the Israeli society and are in the army, the Knesset (Jewish Parliament) and have the same rights as any Israeli citizen.
Yet we as Jews are not allowed to live safely in any Arab lands without fear of harassment or possibly death.
I turn to God as the darkest moments but knowing that Israel is flourishing, growing and giving so much of its
incredible expertise gives me hope to continue.
Before we know it will be Israel birthday and the pain we feel now will turn to joy in celebration.
We may not be loved or even liked but I believe we are respected and in time things will change for the better.
Please if you have an opportunity to visit Israel…do so and you will come away with a sense of fairness and joy.
Long live our beloved State of Israel and Happy Birthday.

Who are our real friends and who can we count on in a time of need. I turn to God and