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Ariel Sharon – The World Mourns

Ariel Sharon – The World Mourns

The death of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is a blow to both the Israeli family and Arik own family.

The world mourns the unusual man, his many attributes and also his downfall.

Arik Sharon was a man of  immense courage, brilliance and strengthen…He led the Jewish people of Israel to much success in his life yet near the end he made one fatal mistake…the disengagement of Gaza…As the funeral procession continues rockets fall…Why did he make this one mistake or truly was it in fact a mistake.  The Americans have put tremendous pressure on all Prime Ministers of Israel from the very beginning.  Always asking more of the tiny magnificient Jewish state than any other country.

The pressure to cut up this tiny Holy land to suit its neighbours has caused many Prime Ministers of Israel to soften their normal stance and give in.  Ariel Sharon did the same thing…tired and frustrated he probably felt the pressure and gave in.  He will be remembered for his greatness in so many ways yet as most human beings life is  a mission and we are all terribly flawed.

Should he have said no to the United States and the pressures from the European Union….Can Israel stand alone with only the help of Hashem.

Is our faith so strong that we can go it alone and believe that a higher power will once again step in and keep us safe.  We will never forget the Holocaust and the millions who died at the hands of those inhuman being who chose to erase us from the world.

Men like Ariel Sharon are hard to  find but there are some who are waiting in the wings to  say no to those to seek to eradicate our dignity and our desire to live in the Jewish State of Israel.

Is history repeating itself when we see the pressures forcing Bibi to give in as well.

Israel is flourishing in every way…economically, socially, culturally.  Israel is a light among nations.

Just say no…………………..