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In the 1950’s, Dr. Elmer S. McVety had a vision to see a College develop in Canada that could give aspiring young men and women a recognized degree and the appropriate training to be an achiever for Christ. Dr. McVety came from a long line of preachers. His father was a Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor, well respected teacher and dean of Winnipeg Bible College. His brother Ken was a famous missionary in Japan and brother Al, pastored some of the largest churches in Western Canada. Elmer’s brother-in-law was Billy Graham’s associate evangelist. Dr. McVety believed that Canada played a key role in world-wide evangelism but needed a world-class training institution to launch Canadians into the careers God had chosen them for. Dr. McVety prayed, sought God’s counsel, gathered together a group of qualified people to establish the College.

From the first day of classes in September 1967, the College was focused on producing effective Christian Leaders and it has not strayed from that purpose. The initial thrust was a Christian Arts program and Dr. McVety used the name Richmond College. Seven years later, the institution then launched the theology program with the name Canada Christian College. Richmond College offered arts programs at its campus on Steeles Avenue until 1981. The theology and counselling programs continued to thrive in Canada Christian College and the necessity for larger facilities arose. The College then moved to the University Campus in Toronto with facilities at 455 Huron Street. God continued to bring more and more students so a larger 50,000 square foot campus was acquired in Etobicoke. This facility could not contain the sustained growth. Therefore the College purchased its present 110,000 square foot campus at 50 Gervais Drive in Toronto.

Today, Canada Christian College is one of the most recognized Christian Colleges in Canada. It is led by Elmer’s son, Dr. Charles McVety and it enjoys record enrolment, fabulous faculty and many new programs to meet the challenges of today. The College is leading the nation in defending marriage, biblical morality and Christian leadership.