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Mark Adler was elected as the Member of Parliament for York Centre on May 2, 2011. He is the first child of a Holocaust survivor to ever be elected as an MP. He is a member of the House of Commons Finance Committee and Public Accounts Committee and actively represents York Centre residents in the community and in Ottawa. By sitting on the Finance Committee Mark is able to directly affect government spending through taxation and budgetary legislation, and thus help to improve the economies of both the riding and Canada as a whole. As a Public Accounts Committee member, Mark is concerned primarily with reviewing the implementation of policy, government finances and budgetary issues. Through Public Accounts, Mark works closely with the office of the Auditor General to ensure that the use of government funds is transparent, efficient and responsible.

Mark is also the Co-Chair of the Canada-Russia Parliamentary Friendship Group and the Co-Chair of the All-Party Interfaith Committee.