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Welcome to ‘The Zelda Show’!

Zelda Young - On the air!In today’s constantly evolving political and social environment, the Jewish community has only one daily voice they regularly turn to for the news:

The voice of Zelda Young.

Zelda has been a constant vocal presence in the Toronto area for over twenty-five years.

Zelda receiving the Canadian Ethnic Journalists Award in 2004She reflects the heartbeat of the Jewish community both here and abroad; she constantly challenges the status quo in the Middle East; she is a passionate believer in revealing hidden truths; and she hosts the only radio show in Toronto that provides daily up-to-the-minute news, with its firm hand on the pulse of the Jewish community around the world.

Zelda is a well-respected journalist and member of the international Jewish community. She has received numerous honours, including Bnai Brith’s prestigious League of Human Rights Media Award and the Canadian Ethnic Journalistic Award (twice – in 2004 and 2006).